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Chamberlaine Cleaning Services Gender Pay Gap Report 2024


Fair and flexible

Gender Pay Gap Legislation introduced in April 2014 made it mandatory for employers with over 250 employees to publish their Gender Pay Gap for workers in scope as of 31st March 2023. The continued approach to pay by the board of Chamberlaine Cleaning Services Ltd is supportive of the fair and flexible treatment and rewards of all staff irrespective of gender.

Properties of workforce awarded a Bonus for 2023

Gender Pay Gap


Mean Pay                   Median Pay


8.44%                                               7%


The table above is a snapshot of our pay rates for pay at 24th March 2023 showing the mean and median pay gap based on hourly rates.


Gender Bonus Gap


Mean Pay                   Median Pay



49.01%                                   3%


The table above reflects the mean and median difference for bonus payments paid by the company in the year to 5th April 2023. The company continues to award work based on grade and performance level, irrespective of gender.

The board of directors has continued to reward employees of the business equally for completing equivalent employments within the business. Following the first publishing of the Gender Pay Gap Report for 2017, there has been an improvement in the gender balance in the company. The company continue to make progress with regards to reducing the pay gap remuneration within the business in a challenging employment market during the year ended 31st March 2023. The board continues to make efforts within all departments of the business and future improvements are expected to be reported in the longer term in line with the objectives of the board.

Terry Sullivan


21 03 2024

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