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Vision Mission Values


Provide London business owners with a future of exceptionally clean yet chemical-free working environments, delivering ultimate customer care and cleaning excellence.


  • To lead the UK cleaning services industry through innovation and collaboration.

  • To continuously source effective, creative and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  • To inspire optimism, professionalism and fun in Chamberlaine staff ethos.

  • To generate excellent and trustworthy client relations

  • To make an impactful difference to the environment with low carbon footprint decisions.

  • To be our customers favourite outsourced office service.


Chamberlaine’s top priorities and core values are;

  • Excellence: We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer cleaning contract service in London.

  • Integrity: Our staff manage and connect with our customers on a high and respectful level of understanding.

  • Team work: Chamberlaine staff are resourceful, honourable and intuitive to each other.

  • Innovation: Always seeking to source the latest products, solutions and initiatives that reflect our love of sustainable living and working.

We have been working with Chamberlaine for many years and were more than happy to renew our contract with them.  Dedication from the management team and great staff make our partnership a success.  We hope that continues.

Gary Johnston, Head of Facilities - ICAEW

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